Should you practice yoga when you are sick?


When we’re sick, our immune system produces antibodies that are made up of energy-rich proteins and amino acids. The level at which you are sick directly correlates and determines the level of energy needed to fuel the immune system. Exercise can be counterproductive in the worst stages of a sickness as energy travels to the muscles for movement rather than the immune system for fighting off germs. In other words, the most important thing in practicing yoga, or any form of exercise, while you’re sick is to wait until you are past the worst stages (or first few days) and regaining some of your energy.

Its easy to write to stay away for a few days, dont do anything, just rest, its time you need to cherish to recover fully. However, its so difficult!!!

Yesterday I was waiting to stay alone , not because I would like have some peace, just me, sick me, NO!!! I was eagerly waiting to be alone, just to put mat on the floor and go my yoga practice. Gentle restorative practice with some pranayama, meditation and mudra.

I felt great after, but for  maybe one hour, and after…worse than before. So, as I was searching internet about should you practice yoga when you are sick?! Most of the articles will give you the answer: Of course, just do it. Gentle practice , it will benefit you. Only few , very few articles actually in a very rude way,( other way, it will be just pointless for a yoga practitioner to believe))) it said, just rest!!!


Your body needs rest. Listen to it. Stop trying to impose your will on the situation and just relax.

As a yoga practitioner you actively seek to subdue violence in all its forms, and sometimes the hardest to identify is when you are being violent to yourself. Practicing when you are sick falls under this heading. You may think you are being disciplined and committed to your practice, but you may still be lacking the sense of surrender necessary to embrace the natural flow of events as they occur in your life.

It’s just as important to be able to set your practice aside when necessary, as it is to stick with it consistently when you’re feeling great. If you are a committed yoga practitioner and you already practice regularly this opportunity to rest is a wonderful time for your body to recover from your daily routine. Plus the detoxification that happens as a natural result of being sick usually promotes progress in your practice anyway.

Love and Light! Stay healthy)))


About oksanawd

Namaste, My name is Oksana Wadhawan and I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine. I presently reside in Mumbai, India, with my husband since October, 2014. I started doing Yoga from 2007 in Cyprus. I was reading a lot of literature on meditation and asanas, trying to do home practice. I was lucky enough that I didnt get injured through my home practice. I started learning Yoga from 2009 (Hot Yoga and Iyengar Yoga) in Kiev, Ukraine. After 3 years of learning, I commenced the yoga teacher’s training course in YogaHot Centre, Kiev, Ukraine (2012). I became a certified yoga teacher and began practicing master classes of Iyengar yoga from 2012. My classes were taught by great Iyengar teachers such as Igor Podmazin, Irina Korovina, Oksana Bogush and many others. In 2013 and 2014, I also went on a 7 day Camp to Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai, India. I studied Ashtanga Yoga with Lesley Fightmaster in 2013-2015. My teaching experience includes 2 years of Hot yoga, 1 year of Ashtanga yoga and 1 year of Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga. I am regularly attending and practicing Iyengar Yoga since 2009. As a teacher, I conducted a yoga retreat for a month in Kiev, Ukraine (May, 2015) where I shared my daily experience and knowledge with my students on asanas, pranayama and meditation. In August 2015, I did my first retreat in Goa, India. I believe in words of K. Pattabhi Jois "Do your practice and all is coming." Its slowly coming for me! I learn and experience through my body, my emotions, my pain, my enlightenment, what it is Yoga! Yoga is my way of life! And I can show you a way that Yoga can be your way of life as well))) Love and Light!

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