Yoga, organic, healthy way of life or how we became all about the things!!!


Lately I am trying to go back to the times what our grandparents were doing considering health, beauty and way of life. The knowledge of those time are slowly descending to the grave. We are often see at the market word organic, does it really mean organic?! Or it just another way to full with the customers, because they are looking for something real, healthy in the market. Food, clothe, furniture, mats, tea, coffee…we can continue a very long list of organic products. Organic eggs, what does that mean for you? for me, its a free chicken walking on the fields, eating good grass without pesticides, grains without pesticides, doesn’t sit in the cage, where is not enough space. Its a free chicken!!! And I saw such chickens in India, in the villages, they are just wondering around…and they are so big, eggs are huge, they definitely bring organic meat and eggs. However, they dont come to the market)))

Yoga now spread all around the world, loosing the meaning of it. Now people who do yoga, need a fancy organic mat, organic towel, organic clothe, organic juices etc. It s just so ridiculous!!! Real yogis dont need all of that. They can do yoga on the towel, on the grass, on the rock. Travelling in India, I saw kids that were doing yoga on a peace of cloth, and they were happy, could do advance postures and meditate  a very long time. So, we all know that yoga should be for free, and if we look at the market, yoga became for people who can spend crazy amount on equipment, retreats, yoga teaching programs etc. We are forgetting real value of things. We are becoming things!! Did you see the organic mat price?! or towel? or all that fancy socks and gloves for yoga? The top or pants for yoga, the cost will be around 200 hundred dollars. Crazy! As a practitioner of yoga, I know , that if you do yoga everyday, that top and pants will not last more than 6 months!!! so, do we want to practice yoga or just look cute in our tops and pants?!

I started with the topic what our grand parents were doing to stay healthy, beautiful without all that plastic surgeries etc. and slowly I am going to it))) looks like it will be not just one post)))We want changes in the world, without being the change…

to be continued…

Love and Light!IMG_20161218_114212.jpg


About oksanawd

Namaste, My name is Oksana Wadhawan and I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine. I presently reside in Mumbai, India, with my husband since October, 2014. I started doing Yoga from 2007 in Cyprus. I was reading a lot of literature on meditation and asanas, trying to do home practice. I was lucky enough that I didnt get injured through my home practice. I started learning Yoga from 2009 (Hot Yoga and Iyengar Yoga) in Kiev, Ukraine. After 3 years of learning, I commenced the yoga teacher’s training course in YogaHot Centre, Kiev, Ukraine (2012). I became a certified yoga teacher and began practicing master classes of Iyengar yoga from 2012. My classes were taught by great Iyengar teachers such as Igor Podmazin, Irina Korovina, Oksana Bogush and many others. In 2013 and 2014, I also went on a 7 day Camp to Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai, India. I studied Ashtanga Yoga with Lesley Fightmaster in 2013-2015. My teaching experience includes 2 years of Hot yoga, 1 year of Ashtanga yoga and 1 year of Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga. I am regularly attending and practicing Iyengar Yoga since 2009. As a teacher, I conducted a yoga retreat for a month in Kiev, Ukraine (May, 2015) where I shared my daily experience and knowledge with my students on asanas, pranayama and meditation. In August 2015, I did my first retreat in Goa, India. I believe in words of K. Pattabhi Jois "Do your practice and all is coming." Its slowly coming for me! I learn and experience through my body, my emotions, my pain, my enlightenment, what it is Yoga! Yoga is my way of life! And I can show you a way that Yoga can be your way of life as well))) Love and Light!

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