Sugar Detox. Day 3.


Third day of the sugar detox. Third day out of 14. One important thing while you are doing any challenge…make yourself busy!!! Its much easy to stay away from food that way, any food. So, if you finding yourself, even without challenge, that you are eating constantly, means you have a lot of free time, and out of boredom, you are eating. Change your life!!


Find a hobby, read a book, clean, do yoga or any other activity that you prefer, just make your life more busy, not exhausted busy…colourful busy.

My day went amazingly nice, found myself that I cant have coffee without milk, so I start to have tea!… last time I had tea…let me think…6 months ago, or even more… and I will tell you I love the taste. I had a green tea, I know that I will not have much of it, as it lower blood pressure, and mine is already very low by nature, and I do need stay active! I had a little headache, due to low sugar level, I believe, however  i drunk plenty of water, and got relieved, so maybe it was just water that I need it. Do you know that most of our headaches come just because we dont drink enough of water?! Next time when you have one, just try to have plenty of water and see if headache will go away. Just because I said little bit about low pressure, I want to share my own experience with it. Usually when my blood pressure going even more down, I have no energy and  I have terrible headache. So, I realize that if I take something salty, my headache goes away… i prefer marinated cucumbers))) with my friend that worked as well, so you can try it as well.

I have good level of energy, was very active day for me again, taught 2 classes of Yoga, did my own exercise, walking, cooking…and in the evening I still had the energy…to conclude…you no need to have sugar, just to bring your energy level up, you have enough natural sugar in your vegetables!! just try to be few days without sugar and you will notice that your energy level actually going up, and not down!!! and think how much money you will save))) all those cookies and chocolates everyday))) I am counting and the number is not pretty!!! You will love the way you feel even in a few days, the lightness in you, in your stomach will lift your mood up for sure!!

Exercise of the day was for the core muscles, as we want to make out stomach to look nice))) see the picture bellow, again with every leg you do 10 repetitions without pause trice!! and on the way back, bring your leg to your chest, squeeze those core muscles)))


Love and Light!


About oksanawd

Namaste, My name is Oksana Wadhawan and I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine. I presently reside in Mumbai, India, with my husband since October, 2014. I started doing Yoga from 2007 in Cyprus. I was reading a lot of literature on meditation and asanas, trying to do home practice. I was lucky enough that I didnt get injured through my home practice. I started learning Yoga from 2009 (Hot Yoga and Iyengar Yoga) in Kiev, Ukraine. After 3 years of learning, I commenced the yoga teacher’s training course in YogaHot Centre, Kiev, Ukraine (2012). I became a certified yoga teacher and began practicing master classes of Iyengar yoga from 2012. My classes were taught by great Iyengar teachers such as Igor Podmazin, Irina Korovina, Oksana Bogush and many others. In 2013 and 2014, I also went on a 7 day Camp to Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai, India. I studied Ashtanga Yoga with Lesley Fightmaster in 2013-2015. My teaching experience includes 2 years of Hot yoga, 1 year of Ashtanga yoga and 1 year of Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga. I am regularly attending and practicing Iyengar Yoga since 2009. As a teacher, I conducted a yoga retreat for a month in Kiev, Ukraine (May, 2015) where I shared my daily experience and knowledge with my students on asanas, pranayama and meditation. In August 2015, I did my first retreat in Goa, India. I believe in words of K. Pattabhi Jois "Do your practice and all is coming." Its slowly coming for me! I learn and experience through my body, my emotions, my pain, my enlightenment, what it is Yoga! Yoga is my way of life! And I can show you a way that Yoga can be your way of life as well))) Love and Light!

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