Incompetence and injuries in the yoga class


Yoga-related-injury-all-ages-July-2008-Monash-University-Accident-Research-Centre-Australia.pngFor a long time, this topic is in my head, over and over again…share or not to share…however, yesterday, after yoga asana class conducted by a yoga teacher, I found one women lying on her back, in pain, with the tears in her eyes, and she was not able to move.  All she asked is for some help, to be able to reduce pain, and be able to get up from the floor. Firstly, i got in shock, because I didnt know what type of asanas were conducted in the class, so, I started to ask questions…many of questions… where is pain? How sharp is the pain? After what asana she got that severe pain? Her pain was in the lower back, I guessed it was pressure on sciatic nerve. I show the point on myself and got the positive answer.

I did with her some gentle twists, pawan muktasana and I let her rest in Pond pose for 15 minutes. After she was able to get up, and had a smile on her face.

Very often, as teachers we neglect to ask  questions at the beginning of our yoga session and at the end. Especially in the end, we just say namaste and leave. Very often as teachers we neglect the part when you need to warm up  body, to begin the yoga practice, doesnt matter , intense or gentle asana class. Very often, teachers come to a class without a preparation for a class, hoping that sequence will just fly in their head, and everything will be ok. I understand, when a yoga teacher has  many years of experience, maybe than, that teacher can create a sequence in the mind on the spot, because of the experience. However, we as teacher should be always prepared for a class, and the more is better!!

Ahimsa! Dont hurt, not in action, not in deeds, not in words, not in thoughts. We as teachers all know that, most of us know that. Ahimsa it is not to be a vegetarian, dont harm animals, dont eat animals, its also about not hurting others, who is around us, especially the ones that trust you as a teacher, that you will not bring harm to them.

Its not only from one side that student can get injured, also from student side, as usually they are inpatient to go in more advanced poses, they are competitive, and they still dont know how to listen to their body. Thats why we are there, teachers, to support, to help them to learn what does it mean to listen to the body, what is patience, what is breathing, what is yoga all about.


I dont know how many of yoga teachers will read this article, and will pause for a minute, just to reflect how they prepare for the class, how they teach in the class, how they interact with the students, as it is very important.

I send Love and Light to everyone! Be the change, start from yourself first))
























About oksanawd

Namaste, My name is Oksana Wadhawan and I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine. I presently reside in Mumbai, India, with my husband since October, 2014. I started doing Yoga from 2007 in Cyprus. I was reading a lot of literature on meditation and asanas, trying to do home practice. I was lucky enough that I didnt get injured through my home practice. I started learning Yoga from 2009 (Hot Yoga and Iyengar Yoga) in Kiev, Ukraine. After 3 years of learning, I commenced the yoga teacher’s training course in YogaHot Centre, Kiev, Ukraine (2012). I became a certified yoga teacher and began practicing master classes of Iyengar yoga from 2012. My classes were taught by great Iyengar teachers such as Igor Podmazin, Irina Korovina, Oksana Bogush and many others. In 2013 and 2014, I also went on a 7 day Camp to Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai, India. I studied Ashtanga Yoga with Lesley Fightmaster in 2013-2015. My teaching experience includes 2 years of Hot yoga, 1 year of Ashtanga yoga and 1 year of Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga. I am regularly attending and practicing Iyengar Yoga since 2009. As a teacher, I conducted a yoga retreat for a month in Kiev, Ukraine (May, 2015) where I shared my daily experience and knowledge with my students on asanas, pranayama and meditation. In August 2015, I did my first retreat in Goa, India. I believe in words of K. Pattabhi Jois "Do your practice and all is coming." Its slowly coming for me! I learn and experience through my body, my emotions, my pain, my enlightenment, what it is Yoga! Yoga is my way of life! And I can show you a way that Yoga can be your way of life as well))) Love and Light!

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