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Small summary on the yoga time in Goa


This was the first time when we went in March, on season, usually our timing is after Monsoon, in August, when everything is green, no people, peace and cleanliness. To summarize that point, I prefer off season, especially if you are planning to do yoga and meditation.


However, it was great!!! Every morning started with Sun Salutation – Surya Namaskar 12 rounds, Pranayama, Chanting. You get energize for the whole day with such routine. Just remember, never do mechanically: not asana, not pranayama, not chanting. Be aware, learn about yourself, learn about your body. Observe, and many times you will find the answers, why you cant go more deeper in certain asana, why one day you are more flexible than other, why doing pranayama today was easier than yesterday or opposite. Its amazing how much we dont know about ourselves, discovery of our own self is incredible.

Everyday some reading, I chose a book “Prana and Pranayama”, I recommend to read this book to people that are interested in details about pranas, different pranayama, respiratory system…very well written book. What I like about that book, it has many research there, many examples.

I  get many questions about Surya Namaskar. How to do it? Fast or slow? How many rounds? What is one round? What type of Surya Namaskar is better?

So, you can start with 6 rounds with the classical hatha yoga Surya Namaskar, if you dont have enough strength, start with 3))) However, find dedication , do it every day, dont allow obstacles as laziness, or you can read about obstacles in Yoga Sutra, 1.30, its 9 obstacles over there)) Slow or fast?! If you need cardio work, or warm-up, or you want to lose weight, do it fast…If done at a slow pace, it can help strengthen and tone body muscles. Remember, to breathe!!!

Just numbers, but good numbers –  12 rounds of Surya Namaskar is 288 poses that you can do in 15 minutes!!

Love and Light!


Sugar Detox. Day 4.


As I am writing diary of sugar detox, my yoga articles on the waiting line. So, I decide that I will share my experience on sugar detox once in 3-4 days. It is not much to write actually, life goes on, body adjust to be without any sweet product, I am not craving for them, doing my exercise routine everyday, spending time in reading and observing the nature and myself.

day 4.jpg

What is going on day 4? I notice: I wake up earlier, my day is much longer than usually. I dont feel sleepy or tired in the middle of the day. My day is on tea now and not on coffee. I tried to have one cup of coffee, however, I didnt feel good after drink it. Day 5 will be definitely on tea. Wow, I am turning to a tea lady)) not bad. Looks like the body doing very good cleansing, as I was thinking that I am having 4 cups of coffee everyday and i need to reduce the number of the cups. The nature doing that for me.

Exercise of the day, were abs crunches, two ways, side ways and straight. Plus I repeat the exercise from the day 1))) will see how my calves will feel tomorrow.

abs crunches.jpg

Headache is gone, and I think that because my fluid intake is more than before. So, I will say that intake of sweets in your daily life, reduce your intake of liquids, or you have not the right drinks, simply say, you dont drink enough water!

i dont think that because of the less intake of sugar, my creativity goes up))) or it has connection? I feel that I want to create something beautiful, artistic, something that when you look at it, will give you pleasure….and if we think that sugar gives us a pleasure, and create things also brings us pleasure, maybe some connection is there….am I delusional?!

Definitely I am doing more things at home, and I enjoy doing them. I create my own karma yoga of the day))) I buy 1kg of green peas or leafy fenugreek and while sitting in silence , collecting peas from they cover, or pluck the leaves of the fenugreek… in that moment, I am in the present, doing my work, with the full concentration, however monkey in my head is silent…yoga is the way of life, in our every action, in our every word, in each of our thought….

Be the change! Love and Light!

Purpose of life, Duty, Dharma


Everyone and everything has a purpose of life, duty, dharma. People, animals, plants and even rocks have purpose in this life. Standing next to the window, I see many different birds, its like a paradise to watch. I see how carefully with so much devotion the birds build they nests, how they feed  offspring, how they fell in love and how they take care of each other. Not many people can do that, we forget what is to do things without any expectations.


In my country, we dont love crows,I cant even explain why….just from the childhood you hear how dirty and not good the crows are. On the opposite side, we adore pigeons…symbol of love on the weddings… and its all just build on the false beliefs. As kids we are blindly believe and never check the facts.Only when we start to observe the nature, we start to see the truth.Did you know that pigeons are one of the dirtiest birds, and they are greedy, they will never share food with other birds… and do you know that crows are so smart, they have a partner, they take care about that partner, and they never over eating, and always make sound when they see food, just that others can come and have some too?!

I read only in news paper how mother dog feeding a kitten with her own milk, however, when you see with your own eyes, its different experience, you start to see the world not from colorful glasses, but the reality of it. And its amazingly beautiful! Its we, human beings trying to differentiate things from reality, trying to label everything and everyone, even that is not true. Sad, but if we stop for a minute and observe, observe things around us with an open eyes, maybe our personality will change, maybe we will find our purpose in this life, as those birds, animals, plants found theirs.

Purpose of life, duty, dharma, I really envy people who find it, find it in this life. It is the most difficult on our path, to find Who am I? I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a yoga teacher, a student, etc. I believe, its just labels, it doesn’t represent who I am..but I know that I am on my path, and my morning mantra  lately, is Who am I?

Its a good question, and we all should for a moment to think about it, because the purpose, the duty, dharma, its something that we do unconditionally, with pure heart, without waiting for appraisal, or award, we just do it…because its our duty, and we do it with the 100% of devotion, without nothing in return.

Be the change))) Love and Light!

Poem on Yoga Sutra 1.1


I love poetry, the one that make you think, the one that make you feel, the one that make you realize things…so many unknown, very good poems out there, written by unknown people, people that probably never will be famous, but you can really feel their soul in the words.

I found this poem on the surface of the Internet, and I want to share it with you. The poem bring you more understanding about the Yoga Sutra 1.1…simply written, not many words, but to the point…I love simplicity….


poem by  Maryam Ovissi

1.1 atha yoga anushasanam ~ now let us share the teachings of yoga

Poem 1.1

Are you here?

Have you arrived?

Do you know where you are right now?

Everything in your life has prepared you for his moment

You are about to embark on an amazing journey

that requires discipline and attention

Are you ready?

I will offer you the name of the journey as we begin



Love and Light!

Yoga, organic, healthy way of life or how we became all about the things!!!


Lately I am trying to go back to the times what our grandparents were doing considering health, beauty and way of life. The knowledge of those time are slowly descending to the grave. We are often see at the market word organic, does it really mean organic?! Or it just another way to full with the customers, because they are looking for something real, healthy in the market. Food, clothe, furniture, mats, tea, coffee…we can continue a very long list of organic products. Organic eggs, what does that mean for you? for me, its a free chicken walking on the fields, eating good grass without pesticides, grains without pesticides, doesn’t sit in the cage, where is not enough space. Its a free chicken!!! And I saw such chickens in India, in the villages, they are just wondering around…and they are so big, eggs are huge, they definitely bring organic meat and eggs. However, they dont come to the market)))

Yoga now spread all around the world, loosing the meaning of it. Now people who do yoga, need a fancy organic mat, organic towel, organic clothe, organic juices etc. It s just so ridiculous!!! Real yogis dont need all of that. They can do yoga on the towel, on the grass, on the rock. Travelling in India, I saw kids that were doing yoga on a peace of cloth, and they were happy, could do advance postures and meditate  a very long time. So, we all know that yoga should be for free, and if we look at the market, yoga became for people who can spend crazy amount on equipment, retreats, yoga teaching programs etc. We are forgetting real value of things. We are becoming things!! Did you see the organic mat price?! or towel? or all that fancy socks and gloves for yoga? The top or pants for yoga, the cost will be around 200 hundred dollars. Crazy! As a practitioner of yoga, I know , that if you do yoga everyday, that top and pants will not last more than 6 months!!! so, do we want to practice yoga or just look cute in our tops and pants?!

I started with the topic what our grand parents were doing to stay healthy, beautiful without all that plastic surgeries etc. and slowly I am going to it))) looks like it will be not just one post)))We want changes in the world, without being the change…

to be continued…

Love and Light!IMG_20161218_114212.jpg

Thoughts on Yoga practice


After practicing yoga for many years anyone will think, that it will be easier to stand on the mat for practice everyday. The truth is – still its difficult sometimes to open the mat for the practice. However, once you open the mat, stand on the mat in your Tadasana pose and bring Namaste in front of your heart, you are easily open to practice. Your mind, body and soul all start to sing in unison.

With every yoga practice, I realize more and more, that I know so little about yoga, about yoga postures, alignments, even with so much practice. As K. Pattabhi Jois said:” Practice and all is coming! Practice not one year, not even ten years, but much more, and all is coming!”

Yoga is all about discipline, honesty, awakening, consciousness and light. _DSC3958.JPG