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Benefits of Soaked Almonds


Ayurveda suggests to soak almonds over night and only after eat. Why is that? What is the difference between raw almond and soaked one?


Almonds have a tannin, an enzyme inhibitor in almond skin that protects the nut before germination, actually inhibits nutrient absorption from the flesh as well. Soaking almonds overnight allows easy removal of the bitter skin, facilitating enzymatic digestion by exposing the nutrients to stomach acids. Simple explanation is right there, we will get more nutrients out of the soaked almond and it will be easier digest, absorb in our stomach.

First I would like to share benefits of the soaked almond for Health:

  • Soaked almonds can make your food digestion smoother and faster by facilitating the entire digestive procedure. Soaked almonds also release the lipid-breaking enzyme ‘lipase’, which works on the fat present in the food and aids digestion.
  • These are extremely beneficial for pregnant women. As the moisture increases the availability of the nutrients present in the nuts, they provide the ultimate nourishment and energy to both the mother as well as the fetus. Furthermore, the folic acid content of the almonds makes the delivery of the baby trouble-free and helps the newborn stay away from any sort of birth-defect.
  • Scientists have proved that the intake of 4 to 6 soaked almonds a day can serve the purpose of a brain tonic and boost the functionality of the Central Nervous System (CNS) to a great extent. Being full of essential fats, these can sharpen the memory and improve the intelligence of growing kids significantly.
  • Almonds immersed in water can reduce your cholesterol levels to a great extent. The vitamin E content of the nuts is also helpful in fighting against Low Density Lipoprotein and raising the level of High Density Lipoprotein in the body.
  • By keeping your cholesterol levels under control with soaked almonds, you can maintain the heart health. They are good sources of protein, potassium and magnesium, which are necessary for a healthy cardiovascular system. Apart from these, almonds are full of vitamin E which, being an antioxidant vitamin, combats several fatal heart diseases.
  • Acute hypertension can also be treated by soaked almonds. The low sodium and high potassium content of the nuts can prevent your blood pressure from escalating. In addition, magnesium and folic acid present in the seeds are helpful in lowering the chances of artery congestion.
  • Soaked almonds are a wonderful natural remedy for treating diabetes mellitus. They help to keep your blood sugar level under control.
  • There are very few chemical or organic compounds that can promote weight loss like soaked almonds. Being loaded with monounsaturated fat, they satisfy your craving for food and help you shed additional body weight.
  • Those who suffer from chronic constipation can also benefit by consuming soaked almonds. The nut is full of insoluble fibers, which increase the amount of roughage in your body and help you get rid of the problem.
  • Fight Cancer: Soaked almonds contain Vitamin B17 which is vital for fighting cancer.
  • Flavonoid present in almonds suppresses tumor growth.

Those are just some benefits for your health, however, they are amazing. For sure, we should add in our morning routine soaked almond nuts.

Next benefits of soaked almonds are for skin:

  1. Soaked almonds can be mashed and applied to the skin as a natural moisturizer. If your skin is dry, you can mix some whipped cream with the almonds and use the mask every day. It would nourish your skin and hydrate it sufficiently. As a result, you will get a soft, supple and smooth skin.
  2. If you want to improve your skin tone and regain your lost glow, soaked almonds can help you a lot. It repairs the damaged skin tissues internally and accelerates the formation of new cells. Hence, the tone and texture of your skin are enhanced considerably.
  3. Aging can easily be prevented with soaked almonds. Vitamin E and other antioxidants present in these nuts can eliminate the harmful free radicals from your body. As a result, the aging process gets delayed and you remain younger-looking for a longer period.
  4. The paste of soaked almonds can be used as a natural scrub for the face as well as rest of the body. You can add milk, lemon, or honey to it and prepare different packs. These are very effective in exfoliating your skin and giving you a fresh, new look.
  5. Soaked almond paste can also be used to treat skin inflammation. Be it rashes or chapped skin, the soothing property of the seeds give you relief from itching and irritation quickly.

Benefits for hair:

  • Soak a few almonds in water overnight, mash them the next morning and finally, prepare a hair mask by mixing a fair amount of olive oil with it. Apply it on your scalp and hair every day. It is a wonderful natural conditioner that can give you smooth and healthy hair.
  • As mentioned earlier, almonds are highly nutritive. Therefore, eating soaked almonds or using its paste on the scalp can nourish your hair and make it stronger. It also repairs severe hair damage,  reduces frequent hair fall  and helps in the growth of new hair follicles.
  • Soaked almonds also add shine and luster to your tresses. They work directly on the roots of hair.

After knowing all those benefits , I believe many of you will start to soak almonds before eating them. The taste is yummier and healthier, and we want to be healthy, right?!


Be beautiful! Love and Light!

How Yoga change my life


Some sharing from my own experience of Yoga, the way its change my life. What is Yoga for me, and why did I choose the path of Yoga? This topic came into my head after one of the classes at the Yoga Institute, when students asked question: How did yoga change your life?!

I was trying to find a balance, a peace in my life, with everything that was in my life. Work, kid, education, relationships, bad decisions from good intentions))) Most of us were there. One day at the doctors office, after severe Vertigo case, and I was in my 30s))) Doctor said that I need to leave my job (hands up there: I was handling so many duties in the company, the right hand of the CEO, good payment, a lot of responsibilities) or I will have a heart attack))) in 30s it sound not funny, actually, it never sound funny!

So, I decide to change my way of life, not immediately, I like to be prepared. What are the best way to find peace?! Yoga, meditation, chanting….So, I start to look for yoga teacher course))) I didnt want to go to regular yoga classes, I wanted to become a teacher! My mind was working in a business perspective, if I want peace, find it in your new job))) I was not thinking at that moment, that I know nothing about yoga, didnt practice it, honestly, was thinking that yoga its just asanas)))


At home I started to do yoga online, that was not smart from me at all! but I didnt want to go to the yoga teacher training to be totally unprepared. My physical level was very low! I apply to one yoga teacher course and they said ok!!! Lately, I realize that all those teachers training are money makers and they dont care about the individual. You pay money, they teach you, or you mostly learn on your own (yes, some schools do that))) and after you are ready or not, you are having your certificate. Poor people who comes to those teacher to learn yoga. Believe me, I was one of them. I started to teach!!!!! After many years, I understand, how wrongly it was!!! Not knowing basic things, saying with the confidence all the wrong things in the class, gosh, I could easily injure so many people(((

I left my good paying job, my mother was in shock))) you have a family, a child, how you will live?! Yoga doesnt bring good money)) Somewhere , she was right. However, I was happy, I was in peace, I was learning new things for me, I didnt care about money part. Slowly, everything stabilize and I start to make enough money to lead a good life.

I will say, I am happy that Yoga found me, not me, but Yoga! It appears at the moment when I needed it at most. I tried pilates before Yoga enters my life, but it was not a time for me. The changes that appear, came not in one day))) and I change more, and I am grateful for that.

  • I dont have Vertigo anymore (and I had severe case, 3 days lying in the dark room, no people, no tv, no reading, no sound, walking to the bathroom on your four, because you cant stand on your two))
  • I am in peace, I found it inside me
  • I became more creative, having time for my hobbies))) hobbies can bring you Mindfulness!!
  • I have an amazing stable relationship, happy one
  • I spent time with my child more! not now, but when I left my stressful job (just to understand how stressful it was: after I quit, the company got 5 people on my place, because one person couldnt do it!)
  • I have more positive thoughts even when life throwing lemons at me
  • I removed toxic people out of my life, almost all of them
  • I learned, that happiness is inside us, and not in people around us, or in things around us
  • I am the learner, Yoga is a science, ancient one, I learn from my students, from my teachers, from my guru!
  • I learn more and more about my body, me breath and its spectacular!
  • I become more flexible not just in the body, but in mind as well
  • I start to eat more healthy, cook more healthy dishes
  • Yoga helped me accept myself, my grey hair))) I shave my head, and now I have healthy shiny grey hair, and I love it!!! NO chemical poison every two weeks))
  • I am glowing))) people saying that

I could write more and more points, however, I think I made my point, how Yoga can change the life of someone. Yoga is my passion, it teaches me to listen to my body, to feel, to observe, to be))) And I love to teach Yoga, to show the miracles that Yoga can bring in someones life…


Love and Light! Be the change!


SUP Yoga: A Beginner’s Guide )))

Recently, you may have noticed the growing yoga trend of stand-up paddleboard yoga (SUP Yoga). It looks like it’s a great workout and a lot of fun, but let’s face it, a headstand on a paddleboard in the middle of the ocean is intimidating!
SUP Yoga can be challenging, but it’s a very rewarding practice that’s great for building core strength and full body awareness. Plus SUP Yoga is a great addition to your yoga practice because it invites a new perspective to many classic yoga poses.
Here are a few tips to get you started:
1. Sunshine isn’t all you need . . .
Sunshine is a great asset to a fun day on the water, but it’s important to check the weather for wind conditions and any incoming bad weather. Heavy winds make the water choppy and much more difficult to balance on your paddleboard.
If your area often gets afternoon thunderstorms, try to get out on the water early in the morning. You don’t want to get caught far from the shore with thunder and lightning nearby.
2. Equipment is key
There are hundreds of paddleboards on the market. There are even paddleboards designed specifically for yoga. If you are renting a paddleboard, the most stable paddleboards to practice yoga on are about 35 inches wide and around 10 feet long (longer boards are generally more stable).
You can choose between an inflatable or traditional (hard) board. Many people enjoy both types and it often comes down to convenience.
3. Slow down
This isn’t your typical vinyasa practice. When practicing yoga on a paddleboard, it is critical to slow down, hold the poses and utilize your breath to keep you focused. Again, SUP Yoga can bring a whole new perspective to your practice, and for some of us, that perspective is simply being reminded to slow down.
4. Find your center
We may say this a lot in our yoga practice, but SUP Yoga makes the term a lot more literal. Usually the handle of the paddleboard is the center point, so if you keep your center of gravity close to the handle, you will have an easier time staying balanced as you move through your yoga poses.
Now that you’ve got some basic knowledge about paddleboarding, here are 10 yoga poses that are perfect to try on your first SUP Yoga adventure:
1. Forward Fold
2. Halfway Lift
3. Chaturanga Dandasana/ or modified one)))
4. Upward Facing Dog
5. Downward Facing Dog
6. Child Pose
7. Crescent Lunge or a modified version
8. Low Lunge Twist
9. Bridge Pose
10. Half Pigeon Pose
Practice these yoga poses first on land then take them onto the water and feel the difference! When you have the opportunity to bring your yoga practice onto a paddleboard, take it. SUP Yoga is a wonderful experience for all levels of yogis and a great way to connect deeper to yourself and your yoga practice.
Love and Light!