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Small summary on the yoga time in Goa


This was the first time when we went in March, on season, usually our timing is after Monsoon, in August, when everything is green, no people, peace and cleanliness. To summarize that point, I prefer off season, especially if you are planning to do yoga and meditation.


However, it was great!!! Every morning started with Sun Salutation – Surya Namaskar 12 rounds, Pranayama, Chanting. You get energize for the whole day with such routine. Just remember, never do mechanically: not asana, not pranayama, not chanting. Be aware, learn about yourself, learn about your body. Observe, and many times you will find the answers, why you cant go more deeper in certain asana, why one day you are more flexible than other, why doing pranayama today was easier than yesterday or opposite. Its amazing how much we dont know about ourselves, discovery of our own self is incredible.

Everyday some reading, I chose a book “Prana and Pranayama”, I recommend to read this book to people that are interested in details about pranas, different pranayama, respiratory system…very well written book. What I like about that book, it has many research there, many examples.

I  get many questions about Surya Namaskar. How to do it? Fast or slow? How many rounds? What is one round? What type of Surya Namaskar is better?

So, you can start with 6 rounds with the classical hatha yoga Surya Namaskar, if you dont have enough strength, start with 3))) However, find dedication , do it every day, dont allow obstacles as laziness, or you can read about obstacles in Yoga Sutra, 1.30, its 9 obstacles over there)) Slow or fast?! If you need cardio work, or warm-up, or you want to lose weight, do it fast…If done at a slow pace, it can help strengthen and tone body muscles. Remember, to breathe!!!

Just numbers, but good numbers –  12 rounds of Surya Namaskar is 288 poses that you can do in 15 minutes!!

Love and Light!


Yoga Sutra 1.2: definition and purpose of Yoga


1.2 yogah cittavritti nirodhah


One of the most significant definitions of Yoga: “Yoga is the cessation (fluctuations) of mental modifications of the mind.” this sutra brings us to understand why do we practice Yoga. Three words, without wasting time on long explanations, just in three words you can learn what and why we practice Yoga, why Yoga is a way of life.

So, what are those modifications or fluctuations of the mind?! As my teacher love to say, its a monkey chatter in your head))) that takes your attention away from the present moment! You are living the present in the past or the future , but not in the Present. Remember, when you are in the yoga class, or doing your home practice, your mind swift to the thinking of what you will have for dinner, or the gossip your friend told you about other friend, and chattering continue, and you cant actually practice  any of Yoga, because you are absent in the present. Happened with everyone, I am sure)) To quiet the chatter, the thoughts, and go back to the present, to the Now, can be really challenging, sometimes impossible. Thats why many practitioners give up the meditation part, as it becomes very hard for them, and they just quit, simply quit.

But with practice, over time, quieting these modifications/ fluctuations starts to feel natural, even effortless. Space opens up in our minds as we learn to remain focused on the breath, the body, the moment. Thats where you can gain understanding of this sutra, understand of what is fluctuations, understand that Yoga will give you many tools to quite your mind, to help you to be in the present.

Complete stoppage of all chitta vrittis…samadhi can be attained… What is the chitta? Its the sum total of a personality. Its senses, the mind, the subtler energies, ego sense – 17 components))) About components will write later in one of the articles.

What are the vrittis? Its various activities that have to be controlled ( pramana or right knowledge, viparaya or wrong knowledge, imagination or vikalpa, sleep or nidra, and memory or smriti). Only then can the objective of Yoga be realized.

What is nirodha? Its a complete stoppage of thinking))

We integrate; we don’t banish thoughts or repress memories or emotions. We free ourselves from the turmoil that the vrittis cause by training the mind to observe, discern, and detach through asana, pranayama, meditation, and other yogic practices.

Love and Light!

Poem on Yoga Sutra 1.1


I love poetry, the one that make you think, the one that make you feel, the one that make you realize things…so many unknown, very good poems out there, written by unknown people, people that probably never will be famous, but you can really feel their soul in the words.

I found this poem on the surface of the Internet, and I want to share it with you. The poem bring you more understanding about the Yoga Sutra 1.1…simply written, not many words, but to the point…I love simplicity….


poem by  Maryam Ovissi

1.1 atha yoga anushasanam ~ now let us share the teachings of yoga

Poem 1.1

Are you here?

Have you arrived?

Do you know where you are right now?

Everything in your life has prepared you for his moment

You are about to embark on an amazing journey

that requires discipline and attention

Are you ready?

I will offer you the name of the journey as we begin



Love and Light!